How Much Do Grillz Cost?

The price of a grill depends on many factors so it is impossible to give an exact number. There are a few factors which influence the price. The main one is the how much time the grill takes to make. As custom grillz are handmade, this is the most costly factor of the process. As you can imagine, a fully flooded grill takes the longest as each stone is hand-placed and the space for the stone to sit in is also specifically cut.

Generic vs Custom

Generic Grill

The first deciding factor is whether the mouth piece is custom or generic. If it is generic (like the one pictured), then it can be factory made and therefore does not take a lot of time to be made. These pieces have a mouldable silicone included which is how they fit on your teeth. This silicone wears out quickly and these grillz feel bulky and uncomfortable. Usually you’ll wear these once or twice and then throw them away. These are best for costume parties and for fun, however for a better feel and fit a custom piece is recommended. You can find generic grillz for $20-$40.





Choice of Material

Different materials take different amounts of time to make. Faux gold & chrome grillz are designed on a computer and printed in resin before being converted into metal. This saves us a lot of time and also ensures the fit is perfect, as we can tell the computer where we want the grill to fit. We can control this fit by 0.1mm. Our premium silver & gold options are handmade from the start which is the main reason these pieces cost more Faux gold & chrome pieces start at $400.

Faux Gold Grillz

Stones / Iced Grillz

Our iced out grillz are by far our most expensive pieces. This is mainly because of the high cost of hand setting each stone, as well as the high cost of stones such as rubies and diamonds. These pieces take the longest and take the most time. These pieces start at $1k.

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