How to Clean Your Grillz

This is the best method I have found to keep your grillz clean (and other jewellery). As grillz are worn in the mouth you cannot use normal jewellery cleaners. These have chemicals which are known to cause cancer. You can use this method to clean all your jewellery as well.

Step 1: Soak

The first thing to do is to soak your grillz. You can either use regular household hydrogen peroxide or these sterilisation tablets. These tablets are used for all dental appliances, and have 4 great benefits:

  1. Antibacterial (kills 99.9% of bacteria)
  2. Detergent
  3. Active Oxygen Accelerator (gets dirt moving)
  4. Stain remover

If you are smoking with your grillz (not recommended), these tablets help a lot. If you are not using an ultrasonic bath you can do this for 3 minutes.

Step 2: Scale

If you are not using an ultrasonic bath you will have to manually clean and scale your grillz with a soft brush. Alternatively (and much easier) you can place all your grillz and jewellery in one of these ultrasonic baths. These only cost $40 and will allow to clean all your jewellery, as well as other small parts such as vaporiser components. Basically just press the button and walk away.


grillz cleaner
Ultrasonic Bath

Step 3: Rinse, Dry & Wipe

After thoroughly cleaning the grillz or when your ultrasonic bath is done, tip out all your grillz and jewellery onto a towel and let them dry. Then, using a microfibre cloth (included in the maintenance kit with the tablets). wipe the shiny surface of the grillz thoroughly to remove any residue. There may still be some fine tarnish which will be removed in the next step.

Step 4: Polish

Finally, using a jewellery polishing cloth, give your mouthpieces a nice shine. This is best done just before you’re about to wear them and head out. It is important to use the right jewellery cloth for the material you have. If you have an iced grill you won’t have to polish it, a microfibre cloth is fine. A silver polishing cloth can be found here and a gold cloth can be found here.

Dr Grillz Recommend Steps Summary

This is the easiest and quickest way to clean your grillz.

  1. Put grillz in ultrasonic bath in the basket provided
  2. Fill with filtered/distilled water and a splash of hydrogen peroxide
  3. Throw a sterilisation tablet in and set the timer for 3-5min
  4. Remove basket and rinse grillz, then put on towel and let them dry
  5. Wipe stains and residue with microfibre cloth in the maintenance kit
  6. Polish with the correct polishing cloth just before use

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