Cubic Zirconia Double in 10k Gold

Features 2 fully flooded faces with cubic zirconia stones. The bar is optional but recommended. We have a wide range of colours of stones are available, feel free to email a request. We use your choice of 10k yellow or 1ok white gold for these premium pieces (put it in the comments).

As this style of handsetting is a labourious process, these pieces do take extra time to be perfectly made. Every space for the stone is hand carved before the stone is set in. These pieces can take a little longer compared to plain finish pieces.

Please note current wait times for this custom made piece is approximately 4-6 weeks (depending on how quickly you can get your moulds to us and how busy our team is)

✅ Custom made for you by the ONLY dentist in the game

✅ Free moulding kit with all prepaid EXPRESS postage (no extra costs)

✅ Hard shell pillow case AND black soft pouch included

✅ Removable non-permanent grillz with ZERO damage to natural teeth

✅ Perfect fit GUARANTEED

✅ Bookings available at request, with options for full dental exam, radiographs & clean

Orders & Moulds

  • Once you have placed your order, your DIY mould kit will be express posted via Australia Post
  • Postage costs are included in the final price (Australian clients only)
  • You will automatically receive tracking details and video instructions on taking your mould. If you need more putty for another mould just let us know (there won’t be an additional cost for extra putty)
  • The kit will include a prepaid postage satchel for you to put your trays in and send back. Please drop it off at the post office to have it express posted back to HQ (it will get delayed if you put it in a red postbox)

If you would like to make a booking (at my dental clinic in Perth WA), please get in touch directly at


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