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Dental Health
Dr Grillz expects and requires clients to have basic dental health. Dr Grillz products are not intended as substitutes for dental treatment or the treatment or prevention of oral diseases. Dr Grillz clients are responsible for their oral health and are aware that dental health neglect will likely result in loss of the supporting teeth for their mouthpiece, which may render the mouth piece unusable or non-fitting. Dr Grillz does not take responsibility for mouth pieces which no longer fit due to loss, damage, disease or restoration of the supporting teeth and surrounding tissues.

For a quality fitting mouth piece, an accurate mould is required. Due to Dr Grillz’ qualifications as a practicing dentist, a quality mould will always be taken. In some instances, inaccuracies in the mould may only be identified after mould is created with dental stone, and this may require another mould to be taken to ensure the piece covers the teeth and fits accurately.

If the DIY moulding kit is used, Dr Grillz will confirm the quality of the mould once the stone model is created. Another mould may be required if the stone model is unsatisfactory. Dr Grillz is not liable for mouth pieces that do not fit correctly due to a distorted mould. This will typically occur if the putty is removed before it has completely set. A refabrication may be required, and the client will be expected to cover the costs of the refabrication. Dr Grillz will always confirm that the mould is satisfactory prior to grill fabrication to avoid the chances of needing a refabrication. Dr Grillz is not a jeweller or dental technician. Dr Grillz does not physically make the mouth piece, but does the fitting and finishing.

Teeth Drifting
Dr Grillz clients must be aware that teeth may move over time if no orthodontic retention is present (for example an clear plastic retainer or a fixed wire retainer). This may be especially true for clients under the age of 25. Dr Grillz Pty Ltd is not liable for a remake for a mouth piece that fails to fit over an extended period of time. Dr Grillz Ptd Ltd will happily negotiate a new price for a piece that needs to be remade.

Clients must also be aware of the risk of teeth moving if the mouth piece has been worn continuously for over 6 hours continuously. For this reason, Dr Grillz recommends removing the mouth piece every 3 hours, and wearing them for a maximum of 5 hours to prevent drifting of the back teeth which are not touching.

Dr Grillz Pty Ltd mouthpieces are not intended to replace natural teeth and therefore cannot be worn while eating food. There is a significant choking hazard if Dr Grillz Pty Ltd products are worn while eating, and Dr Grillz Pty Ltd is not liable of any serious injury or death that may occur.

Mouthpieces should be well fitting to ensure no risk of dislodgement. A mouth piece may require adjustment over time to ensure a tight and intimate fit with the supporting teeth. Dr Grillz Pty Ltd is not liable for any dislodgement, choking or loss that occurs if self repairs or adjustments have been performed. If the mouth piece is non-fitting it is the client’s responsibility to contact Dr Grillz Pty Ltd for any adjustments are required over time to ensure a well fitting mouth piece. This may or may not include extra charges.

Dr Grillz Pty Ltd requires 50% payment of the total cost of the mouth piece prior to fabrication of the custom mouthpiece. The final payment is required after fabrication is complete and prior to delivery of the finished mouthpiece.

Dr Grillz Pty Ltd will ensure to deliver mouthpieces in as short a time frame as possible, without sacrificing quality and workmanship. As premium mouth pieces may require fabrication overseas, Dr Grillz is not liable for extended delivery times as a result of long postage duration (for example in the case of COVID-19). Dr Grillz Pty Ltd will ensure to keep you up to date with all transport and delivery updates during shipment of your mouth piece/s. It is impossible a time frame for your piece but I will ensure to get it to you as efficiently as possible.

Lost/Damaged Mouth Pieces
Dr Grillz is not liable for any mouth pieces that are lost or damaged (especially by alterations/self adjustments). Dr Grillz Ptd Ltd will happily negotiate a new price for a piece that needs to be remade.

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