Express yourself and make a statement with custom made Grillz that are perfectly suited to your style and who you are. Every mouthpiece is tailored to your preference and will fit your teeth perfectly. We are about self expression. Why try fit in when you can be custom made?


Explore a wide range of grill designs and material options to make the process much simpler

Design and order your own unique piece with our custom grill designer so we can create whatever style you feel best suits you

Swarovski crystal, 22k white and yellow gold tooth gem options to add the final touch

Pre-designed custom pieces

The most economical material, has a poor shine and is prone to tarnish.

Highly durable, scratch resistant and highly biocompatible, chrome will maintain it’s shine and integrity over time.

Gold mixed with nickel and zinc to mimic platinum. A better alternative to silver as it tarnishes less and polishes well.

A perfect recipe blend of 9 metal alloys to copy that yellow gold colour for an affordable price. Does not contain gold.

The real gold deal, several options available to achieve the richness and fullness colour of your choosing.

Custom laser engrave letters, symbols or prints of your choosing.

Glass stones available in a range of colours which ‘dance’ in the light giving your piece that extra pop.

The ultimate stone, multiple clarity options also available.

The perfect final touch. A range of coloured Swarovski crystals, 22k white and 22k yellow gold options all available to make your smile pop that little bit more.

best in the industry

Dr Grillz offers an experience to customise your smile like no other. With over 12 years experience in dentistry and 8 years creating custom mouth pieces, Dr Grillz will provide only the most premium service.

Premium quality

We have spent years refining and working with only the highest skilled jewellers and dental technicians from all over the world to provide the cleanest designs and pieces.

Medically trained

Dr Maheer is a qualified dentist who specialises in restorative and aesthetic dentistry. This means that your pieces are supplied by a facial specialist.

Custom designed to you

Dr Grillz is about you finding your own style and expressing it through your smile. Each piece is unique and custom, and Dr Grillz will happily tailor it to suit you, your personality and your smile

Perfect fit guaranteed

Every order comes with all express shipping costs included, and a perfect fit guarantee, meaning we will do everything we can to get the piece that fits perfect


“One of the easiet to work with and also the cleanest work in the game always brings fresh ideas to the table”





“Was super happy with how easy it was to book an appointment and make an order for my grill! Looks super cute! Lots of compliments on it and love my tooth jewels!!”





“I approached Dr Grillz for an open faced bottom grill, with his professional and creative mind he made my grill better than I could have ever asked for! Ain’t no one better than Dr Grillz, appreciate what y’all created for me!”


TY Rome


TY Rome

Customise Your Smile

Why try fit in, when you could be custom made?

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