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Dr Grillz was founded in 2015 by myself, Dr Maheer Shah when I was 22. Throughout my younger years I was a committed fan of hip hop music, especially the underground scene, as well as the culture and fashion that came with it. After graduating dental school (at the University of Western Australia), I did some searching to find someone in Perth who could make some gold grillz for me but I was hard pressed to find someone that could do them in authentic gold. Most were dental technicians that were talented with other materials such as chrome cobalt. Jewellers weren’t used to working on teeth like dental technicians do. The few that were made had a poor fit, as jewellers don’t normally work on dental tissues. I had to try a dental technician, and I finally found one that had worked with gold for 10 years in South Africa, as grillz were part of the culture. His work was of a really high quality, except he lacked the materials needed to make a grillz with a higher gold content.

I decided to look international. After sending my own moulds to places like Bali, China and India, it was obvious that I had to go to the source. After a lot of searching I found a master working out of Houston who would accept me sending orders to him. Most jewellers in the US could not be dealing with clients on the other side of the world. The work I received was exactly as requested and the fit was perfect. We started a partnership.

As I am trained as a dentist, I don’t physically make the grillz myself. Jewellery making requires a completely different skill set that I do not possess. I am trained in fixing mouths. My expertise is in helping you create your perfect smile, and then finish it with a perfectly fitting custom grill or the right tooth gem to make your smile completely individual and yours. If all you want from me is a grill or a gem, then I can do that too.

why we are the best in the industry


Freedom comes in many forms. Freedom to choose the option of your choosing. Freedom to modify something to suit you. Freedom to do what you want with your smile.


We are about self expression. Our pieces are completely custom, so we are limited only by your imagination. We have designed an online grillz builder to digitally design your piece and we have 3D printing technology at our disposal to allow any custom design possible


The most valuable things in life take time. More time means more time to fine tune the details. As quality is our highest property, our custom pieces can take time to make. But you will be in the know every step of the way


You are entitled to flex when you hustle and achieve your milestones. When you score that sale, job or whatever targets you set in your life, carry that energy in a custom mouth piece like an OG would.


An aesthetic smile is a healthy smile. We value basic dental health. There is no point of creating the perfect piece if the teeth supporting it break or become diseased. We also will never create pieces that will damage or detriment your oral health


It takes hustle to afford a grill. Our grills are not cheap, as they also take a hustle to hand make a custom piece of jewellery. The price of our mouthpieces reflect the hustle it took to get there

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Customise Your Smile

Why try fit in, when you could be custom made?

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