10 x 10K Gold Set

A full set of 10 teeth in 10k gold, which provides a durable finish. Available in yellow and white gold.

10 carat gold is the least pure gold option available that can still be considered gold. As gold is very soft, this means that these pieces are durable and do not scratch as easily as 14k and 18k grillz. Due to the lower gold content, this material has a paler appearance.

Once you have placed your order, your DIY mould kit will be express posted via Australia Post. Postage costs are included in the final price (Australian clients only). You will automatically receive tracking details and video instructions on taking your mould. If you need more putty for another mould just let us know (there won’t be an additional cost for extra putty). The kit will include a prepaid postage satchel for you to put your trays in and send back. Please drop it off at the post office to have it express posted back to HQ (it will get delayed if you put it in a red postbox).


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